house with aluminium guttering

Most of us will never really think about our gutters on our homes very often, if at all ever. However, gutters are an important mechanism of all homes. With that being said, homeowners should take more notice towards them and prevent a problem from happening before it is too late.

Getting the right gutters installed at the beginning is vital or if you have an older home and are having to replace the guttering then make the right decision. By following sound information you can select the right gutters for your home that will give you problem free protection from water damage with only minimal cleaning required.

One of the best options for home guttering in the UK and most of the world is that of aluminium guttering.

Why is Aluminium so good for guttering?

Aluminium has been the choice of metal for some time now due to its tremendous longevity. In fact, most aluminium gutters that have been installed almost 30 years ago are still rust free and going strong. The aluminium can be used for the full system, from gutters to downpipes. It comes in a variety of forms, one of the most popular being aluminium box guttering.

Key features of Aluminium Guttering Include:

  • Long lasting – aluminium guttering is engineered and manufactured in the UK and is designed specifically to withstand the harsh UK (including Scotland) climate. Aluminium guttering can withstand scorching hot sun, torrential rain and even salty coastline winds.
  • Aesthetically pleasing – aluminium guttering is available in a wide variety of styles and also colours. No matter what the period, style or colour your home is, there is an aluminium gutter that will look great on it.
  • Backed by warranty – aluminium guttering is backed by warranties from The Aluminium Guttering Company. Warranties on their guttering last for up to 30 years, therefore you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your guttering will be in tip top condition for decades to come.

Aluminium Guttering Installation & Supply

The Aluminium Guttering Company are industry leaders in the supply and installation of aluminium guttering. Their expert installers are all qualified plumbers and can therefore also provide their customers with compliance certificates upon the completions of their installations.

Due to the size of The Aluminium Guttering Company they can provide any quantity of aluminium and create the exact style you desire.

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